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My name is Sally Menzies – I am an Australian author/poet.

I have been writing since I was 13 years old. What started as a school English project emerged as a skill, interest and passion.

I began writing on a regular basis as a means of self-expression. Gradually, my work progressed to writing about subjects of matter – of substance, and personal truth.

Residing in my city of birth, Sydney, New South Wales, with my soul mate and life partner, I published my first collection of poetry Whispers of Hope: An Empowering Testament of Transformation Poetry, in 2018. This was a moment I dreamed of since I commenced writing over 20 years ago. One of many passions in my life, writing is second only to faith.

This page invites you, the reader, along for the journey.

Be intrigued, challenged, encouraged and inspired.

Be immersed in a world that I endeavour to paint for you with words.

I will share elements of my poetry and other works, as well as random moments of inspiration or words for encouragement or contemplation.

Please respect copyright ownership, which belongs to the author (me)!